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Bio Green Truck"Welcome to Bio Green..the newest member of the J & K LLamas family! We are so excited to offer you and your family an alternative to synthetic fertilizers. Bio Green is a natural formula designed to bring your soil back to its natural state, balancing the pH and nutrients, creating a stronger, drought tolerant root systems-that prevent weeds from emerging in lawns and flower beds. And like a strong and healthy body a healthy plant will have a stronger immune system making plants, trees and lawn more disease resistant, insect and pest resistant.

Bio Green is a complete nutrition product made here in the USA and formulated for our area here in the Northern Nevada. BioGreen will feed and balance the soil so lawns, landscapes and gardens will absorb all the essential nutrient for optimum growth and blooming potential. We will gladly come to your home or business and start your landscape on the road to a healthy and beautiful or feel free to stop by the Gift Shop and purchase Bio Green and apply it yourself. We sell it in pints, quarts and gallons."

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Your yard should be an extension of your home—an outdoor room or rooms.  It is an external expression of who you are or want to be.  Whether you are looking to the “gathering place” for friends and family,  wanting a babbling brook with plantings, a contemplative area for reading or focusing, winding paths with beautiful flowers and greenery, a romper room for the kids, a xeric landscape for water conservation, or a orchard/vegetable garden our landscape professionals can help you realize your dreams!

J & K LLamas Landscape and Nursery is proud to offer the friendliest, most knowledgeable landscapers around.  They are able to create and install beautiful landscapes with just about any budget! 

Contact our office to set up an appointment and our professionals can come to your home or commercial site FREE of charge in the Fallon and Fernley area (call for other locations).  We can give landscape estimates—including water features and assist in insects, weeds, plant and lawn diseases identification and solutions.

Our workers are licensed, bonded and insured. 

We offer full-service landscaping including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Planning & Design
  • Water Features
  • Ponds
  • Irrigation Systems—Sprinklers & Drip | Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Xeriscape—no not ZERO-scape, but a method of landscaping that conserves water, money, time and other resources. Often it includes “High Desert Natives”—not all of them are spiny—and rock; however, more lush plantings can be done in the right location and still achieve a Xeriscape status.

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

We also offer full-service maintenance including:

  • Pruning
  • De-Thatching—the mechanical process by which a layer of dead lawn matter, leaves and roots are removed from between the living lawn and the soil so that maximum oxygen, water and fertilizer can be utilized by the lawn and soil.
  • Aerating—a process by which a machine is run over your lawn, hollow tubes pull up “plugs” of soil from the lawn. This removal of soil plugs allows for a thinning of roots, so lawns grow better, better absorption of fertilizers, water and oxygen, and a restructuring of soil. (After aerating is an ideal time to apply a variety of products to help “loosen up” heavy soils.)
  • Lawn Maintenance/Mowing
  • Irrigation Systems—Sprinklers & Drip | Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Spring & Autumn Clean-ups
  • Fertilizing

Water Features

“The sound of water is can be a calming or an exhilarating experience.  Find the joy of water gardening!  Whether your water feature is the focal point of your garden or a secluded little nook create a water feature or pond that fits your outdoor lifestyle.

Relax with he sound of a babbling creek or the spill of a waterfall—Find time to explore your water garden and all that is going on.  Take your shoes off, dip your feet and wiggle your toes and remember a simpler time!

Friends will flock to your home and the outdoor oasis you’ve created.  Share the joy and wonder with adults and children alike.

Whether you are looking for an ornamental pond complete with fish or just the babbling sound of water, our licensed landscapers can create what you want.”

Snow RemovalSnowflake background

We currently service several commercial sites and hundreds of homes in the Fallon area.
Our equipment includes skidsteers, small snow plows and good, old-fashioned snow shovels and man power. So, whether your job is big or small, we can handle it.

We also offer "de-icing" services for sidewalks and parking lots.

Contact the office at (775) 423-8699 for more information.

Before & After Pictures

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