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J & K LLamas’ Gift Shop may be Fallon’s “best kept secret.”   We have a large selection of unique decorations and gift items for the home and garden. Whether  you’re looking for something fanciful or time-honored, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

If you need gift ideas, stop by the Gift Shop—we have gifts for almost every occasion!

The J & K LLamas Gift shop is proud to offer many “Made in Nevada products” and much more.

Gift Cards are perfect for any season or occasion! J & K LLamas Nursery gift cards are available in the Gift Shop or out at the Casita Rosa, or you can call and order them.  Our Gift Cards are attractive and credit card sized for easy storage in a wallet or purse.  They never lose value or expire!


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Just in...Swan Creek Soy Candles!

These wonderful mason jars are filled with perennial favorite scents like 'Vanilla Buttercream', 'Thai Pear', 'Citrus & Sage', 'Apricot Blackberry' and new scents like 'Cactus Pear', 'Summer Rain', 'Strawberry', and 'Lavender Lemongrass. 

These are our favorite candles because the soy wax is 100% American.  The wicks are 100% cotton.  They burn clear to the bottom (Honestly!) and they smell just as good at the bottom as when you open up the jar.  We love that you can reuse the mason jars for as many things as your mind can imagine.  Come see what all the fuss is about!


A few samplings of our products in the Gift Shop!

Gift Shop Images Coffee PER coffee Gift Shop Images
Cute handbags 1 pound bags of locally roasted coffee beans! The bobble head horses are too funny!
Gift Shop Images Gift Shop Images Gift Shop Images
We carry patio furniture We offer Swan Creek Soy Candles! They have all cotton wicks and the scents are AMAZING. We carry a variety of pottery!
B Dubb's Desert Heat Sauce Gift Shop Images Gift Shop Images

B Dubb's Desert Sweet Hot Sauce
from sweet to inferno!
Don't forget the ChowChow!

Do you see the Senor Frog Mariachi Band?

Another Great Reason to Shop and J & K LLamas!

When you buy a piece of art or furniture for your home or yard--you don't want to see it in somebody else's house!  We buy with that in mind!  You will always find that amazing one-of-a-kind item in the Gift Shop and tucked in the nursery! 

If you have something special in mind and are having difficulty finding it, we would love to look for you.

Gift Shop Images Rau Honey Navajo Necklace

We are so proud to offer Fallon's own

Churchill Vineyard wines & Brandy!

Rau's unpasterized honey is perfect in a cup of tea, on toast or a spoonful--from the Lahontan Valley and good for allergy sufferers. Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Fountains & Statuary

We carry a large selection of statuary and fountains in a variety of colors and themes!  The statuary comes in fiberglass, metal and
concrete mediums and are appropriate for indoor or outdoor display.  Our fountains are concrete, stone or resin and great for the yard or home. 

One of our favorite aspects of our fountains and statuary is that many are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Metal Deer Statue


3 Tier Fountain

Stone Fountain w/ Grasses
             Various Metal Pieces
Orlandi Cherub
Floppy Bunny by Orlandi


Other Products

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Weddings & Anniversaries

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Just Because

Allow our staff to assist you in creating a wish list for your special occasion.  We will keep the list on file until a date that you specify.
Then, when the special people in your life come in to shop for you, we will assist them according to your list.

If you need a little card sent out, to encourage or remind that special someone - we would be more than happy to do so.