About Us

J & K LLamas Landscape & Nursery is locally owned and operated.  While Jerry and Kathy didn’t grow up in Fallon, they have been in the Lahontan Valley for over 30 years and “home means Nevada” to them and their entire family.

Our 3 acre location on the Reno Highway came about 6 years ago when we out grew our previous location.  Each year we have a great time adding something new and wondrous to inspire you and transform some portion of the nursery. 

J & K LLamas is a complete nursery and garden center that focus’ on foundation and ornamental/flowering trees, shrubs and flowers with an emphasis on plant material for the poor soils and harsh weather of the high desert climate in the Lahontan Valley and surrounding areas.  At the nursery you will find a wide-range of soil supplements and tools to promote healthy soil, plants and aid in weed and pest control.  We pride ourselves on the unique statuary, fountains, pottery, and  home and garden décor we carry.  As Fallon’s largest decorative rock yard, which includes soils and bark mulches, we serve the do-it-yourselfer and many of the area’s landscape contractors, designers and their clients.

We strive to provide our customers with the most up-to-date, tried and true information.  By demanding excellence from ourselves we are able to promote your success by creating landscape solutions, bug and weed identifications, turf management, plant pruning and maintenance.

  • Meet Our staff

Meet the Staff

Jerry and Kathy LLamas


Jerry and Kathy were honored to open their Nursery to the public in 1999.  J &K LLamas Landscape and Nursery started on a little lot on Taylor Place and has now evolved to the 3- 1/2 acre location on the Reno Highway. Jerry has been a licensed contractor since 1988. He loves to help customers plan out their dream yard and seeing the project through. When Kathy isn't working as a Registed Nurse she loves to help customers with questions and work with all the beauitful flowers and plants in the nursery. When Jerry and Kathy aren't working, you can find them enjoying time with their three kids and grandchildren.

Caitlin Biggs                                     

Nursery Manager


Caitlin is our dedicated, hardworking General Manager. She is alert to detail and cares emmensely for the entire team here at J&K. Caitlin is a devoted mother of two,and enjoys spending time with them at home when she isn't here at work! She brings an uncomparable energy to the nursery and enlightens the customers (and even staff!) whenever she can. Caitlin takes on every challenge she faces with determination and we're more than lucky to have her here with us.